About Me

Hello and welcome, I'm Chris,

 I have a passion for photography that I am now following further, I first developed a special interest in photography through travelling to some stunning places and wanting to capture the scene for memories once I returned home.  But since that time I’ve realised that this extends far beyond beautiful scenery or majestic wildlife.

 That is about much more this purely the photo itself – just as important is understanding and identifying what the photo is trying to show, and then taking in the atmosphere of the situation, the mannerisms of the people, and as much as possible about what is going on.  And trying to reflect that in the shots that I capture.  Even though a photo is a snapshot of a moment in time, it can truly capture, and convey, a lot more.  That’s what I seek to achieve with my photography.

If you’re looking for some photography services – and like what you see, please do contact me.  One of the best bits of this job is talking to and meeting new people, so I’m always happy to chat further about any photography services you may be looking for.